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We’re in our third lockdown now and non essential shops will probably not open until March and pubs and hospitality may not open until June .We have a 5km travel restriction ( unless you have to work) The government hope to offer a vaccination to all by September this year . I have received my first vaccine due to my work with the elderly.  We are unable to hold any meetings at the moment and it would be difficult to try and organise anything at the moment. Its my personal opinion that we would find it difficult to organise anything this year due to all the different variables.  Maybe we can do a virtual event again? My only hope is that all our families and friends can see it through this pandemic and we will get to meet again . Maybe we can travel as individuals and meet up ..who knows.  Take care and say hello to everyone.  🇮🇪💕🇲🇫 Paddy Howe, Ballinamuck twinning chairman

Yes we’re in lockdown, not as strict as you in that we have no curfew but basically out of the house for essential shopping and medical appointments only  no visitors and movement restricted to 5km.
We were hoping the lockdown would finish by end of January but that doesn’t seem likely now.
Regarding next year, maybe we should look at adults only for a few days if travel is permitted by then? That wouldn’t involve any elaborate plans that we might have to shelve later? That’s  just my idea, I haven’t discussed it with anyone else.
Regarding the vaccine, we’ve been told end of March if the supplies keep up.
Kind Regards